Saturday, January 20, 2018

Data Driven Testing using Scenario Outline in Cucumber

We have seen on way of Data Driven Testing in Data Driven Testing without Scenario Outline. Another way to perform Data Driven Testing in Cucumber is using 'Scenario Outline'. "Scenario Outline" is a keyword, if a test needs to be executed for more than one test data set it will be marked as "Scenario Outline" instead of "Scenario".

The only difference between 'Scenario' and 'Scenario Outline' is, 'Scenario Outline' comes along with a keyword called 'Example' using which the test data sets are represented in data table format.

Consider the same scenario which we been using in our tutorial, now let us automated the same test with different test data sets.

Step 1: Write the scenario using 'Scenario Outline' keyword as below

Observe that, Scenario Outline is having a red underline. Place the cursor on it, compiler telling us that 'Examples' keyword is missing. Remember that 'Scenario Outline' should always be associated with Example keyword.

Step 2: Press 'Alt+Enter' and select 'Create Example Section'.

You should see 'Examples' keyword being added after the steps as below

Step 3: Now let us modify the steps. Write down the parameter names in the <> symbol in the steps. And use same names as column names in the Examples table as shown below

Step 4:  Write the step definitions for the modified steps as we seen in the previous posts.

Here the arguments are not added automatically we need to write them manually. Also the parameter names should be converted as regular expression. Please check below screenshot

Step 5: If the step definitions are written properly, the Scenario Outline could look like below. The parameters appear in purple color.

Step 6: Now add the different test data sets in the table as below

In the above screenshot, I am running the our scenario for two test data sets Google and Facebook in Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Step 7: Run the tests and checkout the results

Both Scenario and Scenario Outline are executed. And Scenario Outline is executed for two data sets.

That is all about achieving data driven using Scenario Outline. Please comment your queries ans suggestions on this pots. Thanks for reading!!

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