Monday, April 2, 2018

Katalon Tutorial 03: Adding Objects to Object Repository using Spy Web in Katalon Studio

Object identification and object management are two important features any framework/tool. The success of any automation tool depends on the Object identification.

Katalon Studio has provided a feature called Spy Web to capture the objects from the web page. This Spy Web captures all the properties of the web object when mouse hovered and pressed Alt and twiddle keys (alt + ~).

We can select or deselect the some of the properties, based on the properties xpath will be constructed automatically.

Though I am fan of writing the xpath on my own, I found that Spy Web is reducing the our efforts in identifying the web objects. Also these objects can be added to the Object Repository based on requirement. We add the objects in Page Object Model as well.

Check out below short video to learn adding web objects to Object Repository using Spy Web feature.

Thanks for reading. #HappyTesting 


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